New coupons including FREE Stretch Island Fruit Leather

I feel like there were more great high value whole food coupons out this week than there have been the last few. Here’s the list as well as some match-up deals.

  • $0.75 off and 2 Larabar or Uber Bar
  • $0.75 off any Cascadian Farms product
  • $0.75 off 1 4.5oz or larger Food Should Taste Good chips
  • $1.00 off any 1 Kettle Brand Chips (8.5oz or larger)…I love the Baked Sea Salt chips. Great for this weekends Memorial Day celebrations.
  • $0.75 off 1 Stretch Island Fruit Chews product (zipcode 03110, go here, enter zipcode, and return to

The Stretch Island coupon can be used on singles. WinCo has them for $0.48 each, making them FREE. I have also heard Walmart has them for $0.68 each and they will give you cash back, where as WinCo will not.

Earthbound Farm

  • $1.00 off 2 EB Farms products


  • $1.00 off 5 cans of S&W beans


  • $2.00 off any 1 Glutino Product.

Walmart has Glutino corn chips for $2.78, making the $.78 after coupon.

There was also a $2.00 off Valsic Farmer’s Garden Dill Pickles making them just $0.98 at Walmart. The coupon has now ran out of prints, so if you were able to get that one congrats!



Sunday Paper Coupon Inserts

Traditional couponers purchase at least one Sunday paper for every person in their family so that when they find a great deal they have the coupons to buy lots of that product. I know, I used to do it. When I started the transition to real food, I felt like it was not going to be worth it anymore as the newspaper inserts are typically filled with processed foods. I still follow a couple of couponing blogs and about twice a month I see a deal with coupons from the paper that I really wish I had.

My husband has just started a new project for our family that I’m calling “The nuclear fallout stockpile”. Not only because it will be our stockpile in case something happens to our area or family, but also because the food is just as bad as nuclear fallout. (maybe not that bad, I have not researched the effects of nuclear fallout:) He will be taking the traditional couponing approach and only bringing home things that are free or we are being paid for.

Because of this, I was able to look through some Sunday paper coupons this week and was really excited about it. I think companies are becoming more aware of the fact that their consumers are doing the research and want to eat real food. These are the coupons I ended up clipping from the 4/29 Sunday inserts:

  • $0.75 off Organic or Cage Free Egglands Best eggsorganic-eggs-t
  • $0.50 off any Egglands Best eggs
  • $0.50 off any 8oz, 16oz, 24oz, or 48oz Pom juice
  • $1.00 off any 3 Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice. They have brown and wild rice pouches, but I’m not sure if there are any additives in them.
  • $1.00 off 2 Crunchmaster crackers

This week Raley’s has Egglands Best Organic and Cage Free eggs on sale for $3.99. Making them $3.24 with the $.075 off coupon. I may just use all 4 of the coupons I have.

Larabar deal and Rare Organic Valley milk coupon

Everyone in my household LOVES Larabars, but at $1.30ish for one it’s hard for me to buy more than 3 a week. This week however I was able to stock up. Target had the boxes of 5 of sale for $5.00, which is a pretty good deal by itself. On top of the sale there was a $1.00 off any Uber or Larabar multi pack coupon on the box! $4.00 for 5 Larabars, that just $0.80 each. I was able to purchase 4 boxes and not totally blow my budget.

I did not get too many other great deals this week, but I did convince my husband that it’s a good idea to start making our own bread again. They saying “the best thing since sliced bread” is really true in our house. If the bread is not pre-sliced some people have an aversion to it. I will now be making our bread on a weekly basis which will cost about $1.00-$1.50 rather than the $3.00 I was spending for bread I was not that happy about.

My mom also gave me about the cups of nuts and seeds that she had planned on using, but did not get around to. There is no better deal than free. With those nuts I made Granola bars (recipe to come) and granola. So I guess my largest savings this week was by making things myself. I also made some roasted chickpeas and plan to make some bagels later this week to go with some organic cream cheese I got at Grocery Outlet the other week.

I was able to find a few good coupons online this week. Here they are:

Earthbound Farm

Smart Source

Organic Valley


By emailing Lundberg I received 2 $1.00 off any Lundberg product coupons. I would say it was with the dozen or so words in the email.

Deals from today’s shopping trip

I made my usual grocery trip today and got some great deals. I was able to get 3/4 lb nitrate, nitrite, hormone, and antibiotic free bacon at Grocery Outlet for $2.99. My husband is going to be thrilled for this treat.

I was able to get some really great deals at WinCo this week with some high value coupons totaling $7.05. Here are the deal I got.

  • S&W Beans on sale for $0.68. I used a $1.00 off 2 coupon, making them $0.18 per can when you buy 2. I had 2 coupons so I purchased 4 can of Garbonzo Beans and plan to make these yummy roasted chickpeas.
  • 1/2 Gallon Blue Diamond Almond Milk on sale for $2.68. I used a $0.75 off coupon making it $1.93.
  • 32oz Nancy’s yogurt on sale for $2.37. I used a $0.55 off coupon that I received at a Beekeeping event in Oregon this weekend.
  • Hormel Natural Honey Ham on sale for $2.48. I used a $1.00 off 2 coupon making them $1.98 each when you purchase 2.
  • Van’s Honey Whole Wheat frozen Waffles on sale for $2.68. I used a $1.00 off 1 coupon making them $1.68.
  • Earthbound Farm Organic Spinach for $2.48. I used a $0.75 off any EB Farms Product coupon making it $1.73 for the box.
  • Tillamook Sour Cream on sale for $1.68. I used a $1.00 off coupon making it $0.68.

I also used a coupon for $0.75 off 3 Larabars at Trader Joe’s, making the bars $1.04 each.

In other news, I heard back from the two bread companies I emailed about coupons. The first was Dave’s Killer Bread. They let me know that they no longer have coupons as there was a high level of fraud with their coupons. Bummer. I also mentioned to them in the email that I wanted the coupons as I could not afford to buy $4 bread with my budget. The person who emailed me back said I could find the stores that had the bread on sale on the Dave’s Killer Bread website…which could be helpful. But she also let me know that WinCo and Cash and Carry always had their bread for under $4.oo a loaf. I happen to know WinCo sells it for $3.88 and does not carry the Powerseed bread, which is the only one I have seen that is whole grain and sweetened with fruit juice as apposed to sugar.

I also emailed Alpine Valley, and they let me know that they plan on having coupons soon and to check back in 3 months. I will most likely purchase their bread.

As I was trying to think of the products I use most, so I could email the manufacturers, I thought of brown rice. I usually buy bulk, but if I could get packaged as cheap or cheaper than bulk, I would of course buy it. So I sent an email to Lundberg, who let me know that they have mailed me some coupons good on any of their products and that they also have printable coupons their website. I am looking forward to those coupons coming in the mail and will share the value once I receive them.

Printable coupons

Here are the coupons I have found on the internet in the last week or two. There are some really great ones out there!

Earthbound Farm

  • $0.75 off 2 Sonyfield Organic 5.3oz cups or 1 16oz or 4oz 4pk
  • $1.00 off 2 Earthbound Farm Products

  • $0.75 off 1 1/2 gallon Almond Breeze (Only at Walmart)
  • $1.00 off 2 Hormel Natural Choice (Only at Walmart)
  • $0.55 1 So Delicious product
  • $0.55 off 1 Indiana Popcorn product (Only at Walmart) I think they have some that is just popcorn, salt, and oil
  • $1.50 off 1 Seeds of change product
  • $1.00 off 1 Planter Nut-rition product
  • $0.40 off 1 4oz or larger Frigo product
  • $1.00 off 1 Hindo Product
  • $0.75 off 1 Snikiddy product
  • $0.75 off 1 16 oz Tillamook Sour Cream
  • $0.55 off 1 Imagine Sounp, gravy, or broth
  • $0.50 off 3 6oz Tillamook yogurts
  • Buy1 Get 1 free Tillamook yogurt
  • $0.75 off 3 Larabar, Uber, or Jocalabars

Mambo Sprouts

  • $1.00 off 1 1/2 gallon silk product
  • $1.00 off Arrowhead Mills Whole Grain Product
  • $0.75 off 2 Blue Diamond Nut thins
  • $1.00 off 3 Earth Best fruit and veg pouches
  • Buy 1 get 1 free Kit’s Organic Bars
  • $1.00 off 1 Santa Cruize Organic Peanut Better
  • $1.50 off 2 Mary’s Gone Crackers
  • $1.00 off 1 Country Choice Organic product
  • $1.00 off 2 Tasty Bites product
  • $1.00 off 1 Silver Hills Bakery product

S&W emailer

  • $1.00 of 2 S&W beans

Van’s emailer

  • $1.00 off 1 Van’s product

I have also just written letters to Dave’s Killer Bread, Alpine Valley, and King Author Flour asking for coupons so I’ll let you know what comes out of that.

Roasted Chickpeas as an alternative to nuts

As a vegetarian I love nuts as a protein packed snack, but they can be fairly expensive, so I have to limit them as a stand alone snack. While an ounce of almonds has just under 6 grams of protein, an ounce of chickpeas has just under 2 grams of protein. That seems like a big difference, but you could certainly eat three ounces of chickpeas for less money than one ounce almonds, particularly if you have a coupon for the beans.

You can get coupons for beans by signing up for emails from S&W. I received a coupon from this week for $1.00 off 2 cans of beans. Right now at WinCo S&W beans are on sales for $0.68, making them $0.18 a can when you buy 2. That is a really good price.

This week I made these tasty roasted chickpeas. I think they sound strange, but man they are good. My kids also love them. Particularly my daughter, who HATES beans. Typically she will spit any kind of bean out the second it touches her tongue, but the ate the majority of these beans. Which is great, because they are cheap and supper easy to make.DSC_0952

  • 1 15oz can Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
  • 3 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 1 tsp dried Rosemary
  • 1 tsp dried Thyme
  • 2 tsp Sea Salt

Preheat oven to 450. Place beans in a single layer on a rimmed baking sheet and bake for 10 min or until beans start to crisp up. Once beans have started to crisp mix in the oil, herbs, and salt. Return to the oven and bake for 5 min or until they become fragrant. Serve hot or at room temp. Let cool completely before storing in an airtight container.

Garden Planning and Seed Coupon

I have been planning my garden for a couple of months and am REALLY excited to get all the summer veggies planted. Not only is it totally rewarding watching your food grow, and teaching your kids where food comes from in a really practical, fun, and dirty way, it saves so much money. (If you think you need lots of water and expensive garden boxes, watch Back to Eden. This guys methods really work, even if you don’t agree with his theology. We have a good month or two of 115 degrees and we only need to water every 7 to 10 days in the heat of summer.) So far this year planted lettuce, carrots and radishes (first fruit pictured below) in February. Then onions, strawberries, and raspberries in March. Today I planted some peas and plan to plant some corn and pumpkins later this month. Then in May and June I will really kick it into gear and plant most of the veg we will be enjoying through the summer and early fall.


I’ve been thinking about what this means for my CSA box. I don’t see a need to get a weekly box if I can go out the back door and gather the food I want for dinner. So I plan on setting my box to “Vacation” when things start coming on. I can tell you I will miss out on many good things from the box that I will not have space to grow on my own, so I may occasionally get a box, as well as visit the farmers market for things like stone fruit…Yummmm.

So what am I going to do with the extra money…Save it of course. My hope is that we can go 2 months without the box being able to  save at least $175. With that I would like to buy good bulk meat (a quarter of a cow or something) for my husband and kids. They really deserve good meat more than we have it now (once or twice a week), and this would go a long way to helping that happen.

If you are planning a garden as well, don’t overlook deals on seeds. I was at Walmart today and saw a rack of Seeds of Change Organic seeds for $2.18 each. I remembered I had 2 Seeds of Change coupons for $1.50 off any Certified Organic Product, Making the seed packets $0.68 each! That’s a whole lot of Organic Produce for $0.68! Here are the links to a couple of Seeds of Change coupons.

$1.50 off any 1 Certified Organic Seeds of Change Product (See this post on how to get it at Note that if you printed the coupon in March it has Reset for April, so you can print it again!

$1.50 off any 2 Certified Organic Seeds of Change Product