Pick Your Own

BerriesI absolutely LOVE going berry picking! I never really went to U-Pick Farms as a kid, but I remember going to my Grandma’s house and picking the best Oregon Blackberries from her property. Maybe that has something to do with the joy I find in U-Picks, or maybe it that I get to teach my kids the value of hard work, and about reaping a harvest, and where food actually comes from. Or maybe it’s the screaming good deal you can get on all the as-fresh-as-can-possibly-be produce. We went to two different U-Pick Farms this week.

DSC_1036The first was a Blueberry Farm where we picked 3 gallons (or 24 pints) of No Spray Blueberries for a total of $30.00. That works out to $1.25 a pint, which by the way is twice as much as it cost last year, but still a really great deal. For reference I just saw conventional blueberries at Target for $3.99 a pint.DSC_1050

Today we picked 4 pints No Spray Olallieberries and Logan for a total of $16.00. This is not a crazy deal, but still pretty good for pesticide/herbicide free berries that are fresh off the vine. Next we plan on picking some Cherries. I was told they are $1.50 per pound and are pesticide free! We are not into June yet and I have already spent my stock-up budget on U-Pick fruit, but I think it is worth it.

DSC_1045If you are wondering about the U-Pick Farms in your area most regions will have a list of Farms on the internet. Here is a link for many of the Farms here in Northern California.

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