Deals from today’s shopping trip

I made my usual grocery trip today and got some great deals. I was able to get 3/4 lb nitrate, nitrite, hormone, and antibiotic free bacon at Grocery Outlet for $2.99. My husband is going to be thrilled for this treat.

I was able to get some really great deals at WinCo this week with some high value coupons totaling $7.05. Here are the deal I got.

  • S&W Beans on sale for $0.68. I used a $1.00 off 2 coupon, making them $0.18 per can when you buy 2. I had 2 coupons so I purchased 4 can of Garbonzo Beans and plan to make these yummy roasted chickpeas.
  • 1/2 Gallon Blue Diamond Almond Milk on sale for $2.68. I used a $0.75 off coupon making it $1.93.
  • 32oz Nancy’s yogurt on sale for $2.37. I used a $0.55 off coupon that I received at a Beekeeping event in Oregon this weekend.
  • Hormel Natural Honey Ham on sale for $2.48. I used a $1.00 off 2 coupon making them $1.98 each when you purchase 2.
  • Van’s Honey Whole Wheat frozen Waffles on sale for $2.68. I used a $1.00 off 1 coupon making them $1.68.
  • Earthbound Farm Organic Spinach for $2.48. I used a $0.75 off any EB Farms Product coupon making it $1.73 for the box.
  • Tillamook Sour Cream on sale for $1.68. I used a $1.00 off coupon making it $0.68.

I also used a coupon for $0.75 off 3 Larabars at Trader Joe’s, making the bars $1.04 each.

In other news, I heard back from the two bread companies I emailed about coupons. The first was Dave’s Killer Bread. They let me know that they no longer have coupons as there was a high level of fraud with their coupons. Bummer. I also mentioned to them in the email that I wanted the coupons as I could not afford to buy $4 bread with my budget. The person who emailed me back said I could find the stores that had the bread on sale on the Dave’s Killer Bread website…which could be helpful. But she also let me know that WinCo and Cash and Carry always had their bread for under $4.oo a loaf. I happen to know WinCo sells it for $3.88 and does not carry the Powerseed bread, which is the only one I have seen that is whole grain and sweetened with fruit juice as apposed to sugar.

I also emailed Alpine Valley, and they let me know that they plan on having coupons soon and to check back in 3 months. I will most likely purchase their bread.

As I was trying to think of the products I use most, so I could email the manufacturers, I thought of brown rice. I usually buy bulk, but if I could get packaged as cheap or cheaper than bulk, I would of course buy it. So I sent an email to Lundberg, who let me know that they have mailed me some coupons good on any of their products and that they also have printable coupons their website. I am looking forward to those coupons coming in the mail and will share the value once I receive them.

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