St Patrick’s Day fun

Just because we eat real food doesn’t mean we don’t get to eat fun things on holidays. I absolutely love making a big deal of any and all holiday I can. And while I may not make the green sugar cookie shamrocks or soda bread that I used to (I may try to come up with a variation of the soda bread over the next year, because I really do love it) I still made three meals today that all focused on St. Patrick’s Day.

On Sunday’s we have  a light breakfast before going to church, then more of a brunch when we get home from church. For our light breakfast I made two different kinds of green smoothies. The first was frozen berries, plain yogurt, half a banana, lots of spinach, a bit of honey, and a splash of milk. The second one was half a banana, plain yogurt, peanut butter, lots of spinach, a bit of honey, and a splash of milk. They were both good, but not something that out of the ordinary.

DSC_0816For brunch we had whole wheat biscuits in the shape of shamrocks, and green eggs. For the eggs I put five eggs in the blender along with a couple of handfuls of spinach, some fresh rosemary, and thyme. Then added some feta cheese while they were cooking. The eggs were extra yummy!

For dinner we had Potato, Turnip, Leek soup and grilled sandwiches. My husbands sandwich (pictured) was pastrami, sauteed cabbage, swiss cheese, and a little stone ground mustard on Sour dough bread. I went to get whole wheat sour dough, but they were all out so I had to settle with the classic sour dough as we were totally out of bread at home and I didn’t have time to go to another store. I also must say that I spent more on the meat than intended. This is 1/3lb and cost $3.41. I would not normally buy meat for $10 per pound, and if it were just me at the store I would have only purchased 1/4lb and had them slice it super thin to make it seem like more. But the meat eater was with me and instructed the deli attendant as to what he wanted. I had the same thing, less the pastrami. Our son had grilled ham and cheese, and our daughter had grilled cheese.DSC_0819

We had a lot of fun with our food today. I hope you did too.

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