Stocked up, but the budget is gone

I have already spent $52.77 of the months $55.00 “Stock up” budget. It usually does not go this quickly, but those Larabar 8 packs really were a great deal. In addition to those, Grocery Outlet had a generic brand of Triscuts for $0.79 a box. That is a really good deal. They have the same three ingredients as Triscuts and are just as yummy. The only issue is they expire at the end of May. I figure we go through about a box a week, so I purchased 12 boxes for just $9.48! Because of my Stock up purchases this month, I must say I am feeling a bit of breathing room in my extremely tight $80.00 a week budget.DSC_0803

This week I spent the usual $21.80 for my CSA box. Then I spent $13.45 at Grocery Outlet, pictured above. Technically I will not use all of these items this week, but I had room in my weekly budget so I got extra Whole Wheat Cous Cous and Organic Chicken Thighs. Next I spent $25.69 of WinCo where I was able to get some staples like butter and pure vanilla extract. Last I spent $10.12 at Trader Joe’s where I got banana’s, bread, and coconut oil. This leaves me $8.93 for the rest of the week.

I do plan on going to a local beekkeeper and getting some local raw honey (not only is it tasty, my son and husband have allergies and a little bit once a day helps with that quite a bit). I also plan on getting a very small amount of good pastrami to make hot pastrami sandwiches on St. Patrick’s Day, but just enough for my husband and son to have a sandwich. My guess is that will take up the remainder of my weekly budget.

My menu this week is:

  • Crock pot chicken, potatoes and kale
  • Family style nacho’s or taco. The corn chips I got at Grocery Outlet are baked and make with whole, organic corn
  • Lentil and winter vegetable soup
  • Stir Fry
  • Butternut Squash Gnocci
  • Hot pastrami sandwiches (Mine without pastrami)
  • Potato, turnip, leek soup

I also wanted to share a series of posts from Frugal Living Northwest about saving on real food. There are some great tips in there that I will most definitely try to implement some of these ideas.

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