A Poison Apple

Recently I went to a viewing of Back to Eden, a documentary on sustainable gardening. While I was waiting for the movie to start I struck up a conversation with the man sitting in from of me. It was apparent by the way that he was shaking that either he REALLY didn’t like talking to strangers or he had a medical issue. He was visiting from Texas and just happened to be here at the time of the viewing.

As it turns out he used to be in the Agriculture business and saw how corrupt it was first hand. He told me the his family had just recently moved back to the states after living in France for over a decade. He told me that before moving to France he was in the food business in the US and moved to France in hopes of having an Organic Farm with another family member. Because of family issues the farm did not work out, so he went to work for a LARGE apple orchard. He said that while the company he worked for was not organic his family ate totally organic and had access to the most wonderful organic food. Then he dropped the bombshell. He said the company we worked for sprayed their orchard 25 times during the growing season. 25! Then he explained that in France if you work in the Agriculture business Parkinson is a work related injury! A WORK RELATED INJURY!!! And you guessed it, his shaking was from Parkinson.poisen apple

If that is not a yellow canary I don’t know what is. While the average person may not have as much direct access to the poison, they are exposed to it and ingesting it on a daily basis.

While my family can’t afford to eat all organic, I darn sure will do my best. For those of you in the same boat here are some tips.

  • Use the dirty dozen and clean fifteen as a guide to what you know if ok conventional produce to buy and what you really need to buy organic.
  • Grow a garden! Most places can grow some food all year round. The documentary, Back to Eden, is a really great resource for easy, sustainable gardening.
  • Find a CSA in your area. They provide seasonal, local, organic produce at great prices.
  • Don’t be afraid to change a recipe. If something calls for equal parts onion and bell peppers adjust it to 3/4 onion, which is on the clean 15 list, and 1/4 bell peppers, which is on the dirty dozen list.
  • If you haven’t signed up for coupons from Earthbound Farm Organic why not? They sell just about everything on the dirty dozen list and have a $0.75 off one EB Farm product just about every week.

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