Shopping and Menu plan

This week I had less to spend at the grocery store as I had a large veggie box all to my self. The large box cost $36.80 leaving me $43.20 for the rest of my shopping. I didn’t need a whole let extra this week as my husband is out of town and I planned my menu off of the veggie box. I was also short on time so I chose to first go to Grocery Outlet. There I purchased some staples and Bolthouse Farms smoothies for a total of $20.14. I then went to Trader Joe’s to get the rest of my groceries. Their I purchased a few other produce items, some dairy items, snacks, coconut oil, and stuff to make some soup for a total of $27.73. As part of my Trader Joe’s purchase, I purchased quinoa for $3.49 and feel like I should have gone to Winco a another time and purchased what I needed in the bulk section to save some money.

I know you may think I’m over budget, but I made soup for a friend who had a baby this week and will allocate $5 to that from our monthly gift budget, giving me a total of $42.87. And I didn’t even use coupons this week.

Here is my menu for the week:

  • Potato, Fennel Soup (both potatoes and fennel from the CSA Box)
  • Pita Bread Pizza’s
  • Oven baked nacho’s (Avocado from box)
  • Veggie loaded pasta
  • Mashed potatoes, greens, and meat for my husband (potatoes and greens from box)
  • Stir fri (most veg from box)
  • Slow Cooker, brown rice, butternut squash risotto (Squash from box)

Can you tell there’s only one adult at home for part of the week.

Tomorrow morning I plan on making a Quinoa hot cereal from the latest issue of whole living. If it turns out I will share it wit you.

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