Moving, Sickness, and Back on Budget

This last month has been totally crazy! Of course there was Christmas, but the day we got back into town we started moving. And as anyone can tell you moving does not mix well with cooking meals at home. We did pretty well with stick to foods that are better for us, but was not able to avoid all the bad stuff.

While we were moving my husband started to get a cold. That lasted for about a week and a half and just as he thought he was getting better, all in one day it turned into the nastiest case of strep I have ever seen! He was fine in the morning then by 9 at night we was in the emergency room with a lot of pain and a 103 temp. He had to go through 2 rounds of the strong antibiotics and have a couple of shots to get rid of it. All the while he was quarantined in our bedroom and only came out to warm up soup or tea.

I find it hard to make big meals when only cooking for one adult. So we ate a lot of breakfast and I did manage to make soup for the whole family a couple of times. The good thing about that is breakfast is cheap to make and I didn’t really have to make a meal plan for this week as I already had a plan and stuff from the prior week.

My kids and I managed to stay well, in part by eating well, but a week of no daddy and sleeping on the couch was rough!

So now that all of that drama is over it’s time to get back in to the coupon printing, deal finding, homemade snack making routine. My printer went a bit haywire during the move and I could not print the coupons I wanted. 75 cents off 3 Lara Bars and I could not print it!! I think it’s worked out now though. I have the same weekly budget of $80, but have increased my stock up budget by $5, so $55 a month. That ma not seem like much of a bump, but $5 can get a lot of good stuff if you find a deal good enough to stock up on.

My goal for this year is to post my meal plan, and shopping trip (including deals I find) on Tuesdays, new coupons on Thursdays, and great recipes whenever I make something that just has to be shared.

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