Lesson learned…at least I thought

You would think that after Thanksgiving and the issues I had with eating white and processed foods, I would have thought better about the foods I ate while on Christmas vacation. Not the case, but it’s not to late to change my ways. This time I did a better job of buying and bringing snacks and lunch makings, but I have not done a very good job of eating those things. There is something about being in the town I grew up in, with all of my favorite restaurants. I feel like I need to visit every one and eat all of the things I used to. We hardly eat out at home and in the four days we have been here we have eaten out four times. Last night we did a fancy Christmas dinner with my Husbands family at a fancy restaurant (not part of the food budget, but part of the fun and entertainment budget) and they had this herb butter for the rolls that was amazing. So of course I ate waaaay too many white rolls. This also happened to be a restaurant that specialized in steak…not really I place I would choose being a vegetarian. So I had two choices, vegetarian lasagna, that I was sure was brought in rather than made there, and another pasta dish with grilled veggies and a dijon pesto sauce. I chose the pasta with the grilled veggies and pesto, but the pasta was of course white.

I have been trying to avoid white sugar, but am a bit lacking in the willpower department. My husband and I took advantage of free babysitters and went on a nice date. After our tasty thai food… made with white rice noodles and I’m sure some sweetener other than honey or maple syrup, we went to my very favorite patisserie and had the most wonderful tasting dessert. All of this is so great at the time, but man my body is not happy with me! My 3 year old also caught a cold, which if you didn’t know sugar really takes a toll on your immune system. So we are on vacation for 4 more days and I need to boost up the will power. I know there are temptations coming up that will be hard to resist.

Here’s my plan. I am in charge of making the Birthday Cake for Jesus so I can make that real food for sure. I have plans to make persimmon gingerbread with real ingredients. We went to one of my favorite grocery stores yesterday and they had at least a dozen flavors of Lara bars so we got a bunch that we had never tried. We are in charge of bringing bread to Christmas dinner so I can make sure to have whole wheat. I can do this! I can have a real food Christmas!

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