Don’t be fooled

Recently I have seen many new products that claim to be “Simple” and therefore better for you. While it’s a good attempt I think it’s really just a gimmick. One of the products I have seen quite a bit of is the new yogurt by Yoplait called Simplait. The packaging boasts of “just 6 simple ingredients”. All for of the flavors they offer have sugar, corn starch, and natural flavor as three of the six ingredients. I also saw a simple bread made by one of the extra squishy bread companies. This bread boasted of 10 simple ingredients. I don’t remember the exact brand and what the ingredients were, but I do remember thinking I would never put those things in bread I made at home.

I must say that I’m pleased that Yoplait chose to use annatto extract and vegetable juice rather than carmine to color the peach and strawberry yogurts. Many “Natural” food products use carmine dye to color red or pink foods. While it may be better for you then red dye number whatever (I’m not convinced that it is, just read Carmine on Wikipedia), carmine is the the powdered shell of the Cochineal beetle. How’s that for appetizing?

This all to say, read your labels! Don’t just buy something because it claims to be natural or made with a few simple ingredients.

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