Shopping trip and Walmart Deals

I did my weekly shopping on Tuesday this week rather than on Thursday as we will have family in town. We will be making a little extra food, but I don’t expect it to effect our budget that much. We will get our CSA box next week so I will deduct $18.40 from m$80.00 budget. I’m thinking of shifting my week from a Thursday Start to a Tuesday start. I makes more since to get my CSA box and plan meals with it for the week it was purchased in. We are going to have a hiccup in our budget in a couple of weeks as my husband has decided to do a 15 day juice reboot. So I will wait to move my weekly start until his reboot is complete.

Juicing can be crazy expensive  so I have started planning for my husbands juice reboot even though it’s a week away. I have come up with a few money saving strategies that I will share in a later post.

This week I went to Grocery Outlet, WinCo, and Walmart. I don’t usually like to shop at Walmart for food, but I knew they had some products that I could get really good deals on, so I made the sacrifice. Here is what I bought:

Grocery Outlet had some good things. The Tillamook cheese was $0.99 so I purchased 4 and froze them. The pasta sauce was also $0.99 and does NOT have sugar in it! I spent a total of $29.74

At WinCo I of course bought my bulk items. I also had one coupon deal for the red wine vinegar. The vinegar was on sale for $1.19 and I had a $0.50 off coupon, making it $0.69. I know it’s the cheap brand, but I saw a taste test of red wine vinegar on a show called Cook’s Country and to every bodies surprise this brand won. I spent a total of $21.03.

Last I made a trip to Walmart. I purchased had coupons for everything I purchased except the orange juice. One thing I do really like about Walmart is that they give cash back on coupons while other stores just reduce give up a discount up to the price of the item. I took advantage of that this week. My total Walmart purchase was $9.98. Here are the deals I got:

  • Tetrafin fish food $1.23 and I had a coupon for $2.00 off. We don’t even have a fish, but because of Walmart’s policy I was able to get $0.77 off the rest of my purchase.
  • 4pk Motts Natural Applesauce pouches for $2.50. I had $1.00 off coupon making them $1.50.
  • Earth Bound Farms Organics Romain lettuce $2.88. I had a $0.75 off coupon making it $2.73.
  • Earth Bound Farms Organics Carrots $0.74. I used another $0.75 off coupon  giving me a $0.01 overage.
  • Sambazon Acai Juice for $2.68. I had a $1.00 off 2 coupon (I thought it was a $1.00 off 1 coupon, o well), making them $2.16 each

My total for this week was $60.75 plus the $18.40 for next Tuesday’s veggie box for a grand total of $79.15. Not too bad for getting some extra treats.

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