Shopping Trip…including MEAT!

It’s been a crazy week and I’m just now getting to posting my shopping trip from last Thursday.

So I didn’t really get any good coupon deals this week, but I did find a couple of deals worth stocking up on. At Grocery Outlet this week they had no name Triscut type crackers for $.79. They had the same 3 ingredients as regular Triscuts so I bought 2 boxes just to give them a shot, and they actually were pretty good. We like them better than the Trader Joe’s version. So I went back and got 12 more boxes for $9.48. That, of course, came out of the Stock Up budget.

Here is what I purchased at Grocery Outlet this week for a grand total of $22.37 . The Organic Frozen veggies and rice cakes and Turkey smoked sausage are also Stock Up items. So I spent $12.43 from  my regular weekly budget and $9.94 from my Stock Up budget.

Here is what I purchased at WinCo this week for a grand total of $29.83. Would you believe I did not use one coupon. We did not go to Trader Joe’s this week, but I did send my Hubs to Kents Meats. A local meat market that sells natural, and/or local meats. They do a lot of their own processing too, so I feel better buying from them than I would a regular grocery store.

I didn’t take a picture, but my husband did end up getting some pretty good stuff at Kents. All of it was on special too. He bought 1.2 lb of pork sausage for $2.98 which I broke down into 4 servings, about a lb of pork tenderloin cutlets for $2.59 which ended up to be 2 servings. He also bought about a pound of Tilapia, 3 small fillets, for $3.06. I think he did pretty good and it will last for a while at our house.

I also went to Costco to get my wonderful red bean and lentils packs that were on sale, as well as 100% maple syrup and honey. I bought 3 boxes of 4 lentil pouches for $4.29 a box. I figure I can stretch each pouch to make a meal. They are basically like vegetarian chili without the weird veggie protein. They go great on top of baked potatoes and I think I can add some ground beef in my husbands portion to bulk it up. With the purchase of the lentils and crackers this week I only have $3.46 left in my stock up budget for the month.

I did also go over budget this week because we needed syrup and honey. I am $22.31 over budget so I will have to reduce next weeks budget by that much. With a starting budget of $80 less my share of the CSA box (coming today) $18.40 and last weeks overage $22.31, that will give me $39.29 for the week. We’ll see what happens.

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