What’s in the kitchen

We have made it through the weekend without buying a bunch of extra stuff. I thought I had more than a half onion in the fridge, but was mistaken, so I did have to get a couple of onions for making refried beans. I was close to Trader Joe’s so that is where I decided to go. I got 2 onions at $.69 each. So I now have $1.34 to make it through Wednesday.

After speaking to my husband about not being able to get sausage (I am fine if we don’t have it) he reminded me that a friend gave us 2lbs of ground beef from the 1/4 cow they just purchased. So instead of sausage I planned to just do Italian seasoned ground beef and add it to the top of his pasta. Well that was the plan. When it came time to make dinner on Friday night I decided to make Jessica Seinfeld’s recipe for Mac and Cheese, which calls for a half cup of Butternut squash puree, and since I was making some as baby food I thought it would be a convenient time to make this yummy dish . I did of course replace the “regular” pasta with whole wheat pasta and used whole wheat flour to make the sauce.

I think this would be a good time to say how important it is to know what you have in the kitchen/pantry. I probably spent a bit more on onions at Trader Joe’s than I would have at WinCo, but since I was close to Trader Joe’s and needed them I spent the extra. If I had spent money on Sausage the ground beef would not have gone to waste because it is in the freezer, but I would have spent money that week that I didn’t really need to. I am going to try to do better at looking through my fridge/freezer and pantry while making my list to avoid these money wasters in the future.

On a side note Today is the start of October Unprocessed 2012. To see more and take the pledge visit Andrew Wilder’s blog Eating Rules.

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