Let’s get saving

My typical grocery shopping day is Thursday. I feel like it’s close enough to the weekend that I won’t start running out of food and be tempted to buy a bunch of extra stuff, and I’m too busy at the beginning of the week to go to the store if we are running low on stuff. I always make a meal plan for the week on Tuesday or Wednesday night. Here’s my meal plan for this week.

  • Spinach and Potato fritata
  • Pasta bake with eggplant, and Italian sausage on the side for my hubs
  • Indian food, curried lintels, homemade naan bread, brown rice, and a veggie dish
  • Fajitas
  • Homemade pizza
  • Lentil Loaf
  • Baked potatoes with green veggies and local beef for my hubs

I usually make my menu and grocery list on Tuesday or Wednesday night and go through my coupons (I use an accordion style coupon holder) to pull the ones I know I want to use that week (I always take all of them to the store with me just in case I spot a really good deal). Lately I have not been doing a good job of looking at the store adds because I have not been going to the stores with weekly adds. Instead I have been going first to Grocery Outlet (the one in my town is AMAZING, the one in the town we moved from…not so much) then to WinCo, and finally to Trader Joe’s. We have a few stores here that have good health food section, but thing seem to be pretty pricey. I am however willing to try them and see if I can get some good coupon deals there.

I have to admit I have also been breaking the number one budgeting rule. I have not been carrying cash. So before I go to the store tomorrow I will head to the bank and get me cash. I can’t get the full $80 because I split a large CSA box with a friend that costs me $18.30 a week if I don’t have any add-on’s. This week I do have add-on’s; 10lbs of apples for $7.70 and 20 lbs of “ugly” Pomegranates for $6.00, a super good deal. I plan on making jelly out of 15lbs of Pomegranates so that will come out of my stock up budget. The other 5 lbs and 5 lbs of the apples will go to my friend. So my total for this weeks CSA will be $22.25. That means I can only use $57.75 this week. Yikes! Let’s hope Grocery Outlet has a lot of the stuff I need and that my coupons go a long way at the other stores.

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