The “Deal”

So now for the couponing side of this blog. Most of us have seen those shows where the people buy about $1000 in groceries and spend maybe $5. I’m here to tell you that is not realistic for most of the United States. Some parts of the US, while Northern California  where I live, don’t even have double coupons. (For those of you who do not know anything about couponing, a double coupon is put out by the store and will double the value of a manufacturing coupon. So if you had a coupon for $1 off of a certain cereal and had a store doubler you would be getting $2 off of the cereal. Making it super cheap, if nor free.) So not only is it difficult to coupon in general here in the North State is it even harder to coupon for whole foods.

Here are some couponing basics to be aware of.

  1. Buy more than one Sunday paper. If there is a good sale on something you have a coupon for you want to make sure you have multiple of the same coupon so you can take advantage of the deal and get 4 boxes of that cereal instead of just one.
  2. Take advantage of online coupon sites. There are several great coupon websites. I was leery of them at first, but I can’t tell you how much I’ve saved. I frequent (about once a week),,,,, and The limit on prints per coupon is 2 so make sure you print it both times.
  3. Match store coupons with manufactures coupons. Most often the store policy is one store coupon and one manufactures coupon per item. For example you can print off coupons from the Target website. (Most are Target specific coupons, but some are manufactures, so make sure you look at the top after printing). So last week I had a Kashi Cereal Target coupon as well as a Kashi Cereal Manufactures coupon so I was able to use them on the same box of cereal and use it almost like a doubler coupon. Safeway has the same policy.
  4. Know what a good price is for certain items. You need to be able to keep a memory bank of what is a good deal. Before we moved to the North State we lived in Eugene, OR where couponing was a bit better. I was able to have a few set rules for myself when couponing. For example, never pay for pasta there will be a free deal every other month or so, don’t pay more than 50 cents for crackers, and don’t pay more than $1 for cereal. I am no longer able to follow those rules, but am trying to make new ones for myself.
  5. “Liking” a manufacturer on facebook can get you great coupons.

While it used to be very beneficial for me to buy 3 or 4 Sunday papers, I can say I will now be flipping through them before I buy them. If there are no whole food coupons, I will not be buying the paper that week.

My top couponing site right now though, is That is Earthbound Organic Farms website and they have these daily “steps” you can take. At least once a week there is a 75 cent off coupon for any Earthbound Farm product. The Winco where I live sells bags of Earthbound Farm carrots for 88 cents and the Walmart sells them for 74 cents. You can’t really find a much better whole food deal than that.

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