Eat, Save, and Enjoy!

I always thought I was feeding my family healthy meals and made sure I had plenty of fruits veggies in our diet. But a few months ago I started really looking at what I was feeding my family after I randomly noticed that our dill pickles had high-fructose corn syrup in them. That’s right, our pickles! It’s taken me a bit to get a handle on really what eating real whole food means, and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. And now I really feel like I’m ready to take the leap into a world with less white and more green.

But what about the green in my wallet? As I’ve been transitioning into cutting out the processed foods and replacing them with whole foods, the family food budget has gotten a bit out of control. I try to keep a very tight budget, like $80 a week and $50 a month for stocking up on sale items tight. Last week I think I spent about $130 on groceries. Yikes! While $130 a week is less that our family of four would get on food stamps, it’s more than I feel our family should be spending to make the rest of our monthly budget work for us. $80 a week used to be more than enough with the use of coupons and “couponing” while eating highly processed foods. But I have found it difficult to get really good deals, and never free product, while couponing for whole foods.

So this is my journey to feeding my family well, and right, on a VERY tight budget. I will share deals I find, great recipes, and any other great resources I find on the way.

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